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Antidepressants and Pregnancy Risks

Posted May 23 2011 12:00am
I found one of Fox News' latest online article contributions odd. They ran a whole story commenting on how starlet Lindsey Lohan is jeopardizing her acting career by going braless. Not her ongoing court battles, drug use, rehab or other misbehaviors – but by failure to use undergarments. The author of this newsworthy report writes,

No stranger to self destruction, Lohan has unwittingly been doing a number on her breasts by consistently refusing to wear a bra, despite her ample assets, experts say. And her free and easy lifestyle could impact her career.”

The author goes on to quote bra experts who comment on how Lohan's size 34-D augmented breasts need more support. Without a solid underwire bra, the experts say, weight of her breast will be dragged to the ground via gravity, permanently stretching the tissue. This type of damage, they say, will require a breast lift in the future.

I don’t care how perky they are, they won’t be for long,” says bra-fitting expert Linda Becker to the Fox News journalist. “They all get saggy when the tissues under the breasts break and Lindsay is going to end up looking like a WaTuTu warrior.”

Now, luckily for Lindsey (and her loyal fans), should she “need” undergo the knife before her 30th birthday, as the bra experts and author suggest, then she has some safe alternatives. A new breast lift Phoenix option called suture suspension lift is a less invasive way to reverse the affects of gravity on the female assets. The procedure involves the use of tiny sutures which are placed inside the breasts, lifting them into place. This can be done with local anesthesia, does not require major incisions, or leave unsightly scarring. Plus, the results are reversible.

I suppose this type of scarless procedure would be perfect for Ms. Lohan since the author asserts that the young star will need to pose nude in order to get more acting roles:

Most of the projects Lindsay is going to get going forward will probably involve some nudity, that’s just where she is at right now in her career,” a Hollywood casting agent explained to Fox. “If she keeps doing damage to her body even those roles are going to dry up.”

Although this was certainly entertaining to read, I think Fox News needs to stick 

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