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Alcohol Related Violence Gives Colleges Bad Rep

Posted Jun 17 2012 12:00am

A serious problem that is too commonly found on college campuses is violence between students at parties, social gatherings, and sporting events, or anywhere there is alcohol present. What typically happens is that when students consume too much alcohol they become irritable and are more easily frustrated. As a result they are more likely to use their aggression towards others without realizing how irrational their behavior is.
According to Tim Stockwell, a professor and director of the Centre for Addictions Research of B.C., where there is group drinking and when young men are present that feel some form of competition aggression and violence generally emerge.  Consequently, these young men can get into trouble by using their physical force while under the influence of alcohol, and depending on the severity, it could become a legal matter, where experts, such as criminal defense attorney Montgomery County MD, may need to become involved. 
Additionally, an article published in The American Journal of Public Health, reported that the availability of alcohol is very closely related to violent assaults. Often colleges and universities have a poor public image due to alcohol related violence. Penn State University, for example, frequently appears in the news for violence, which damages its national reputation.
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