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Accurate and Prompt Colonoscopy Transcription Service

Posted Jan 30 2012 6:57am

medical transcription services Colonoscopy transcription service is of great importance in the medical domain. The service should be reliable, accurate, and secure. Colonoscopy transcriptions involve transcription of patient history files, insurance and billing information, and diagnosis notes, which might be highly sensitive in nature. When large volumes of patient records are to be documented, colonoscopy physicians may not get enough time to devote to patient care. So, the best solution is to outsource to a reliable medical transcription company that offers accurate and prompt colonoscopy transcription service.

Outsourcing colonoscopy transcription can provide excellent support to physicians. By doing so, physicians can spend less time on paperwork and more time with their patients – this is one of the main advantages. The medical transcription team in these companies will provide accurate transcripts of the various colonoscopy records within the set time period. Besides time savings, healthcare providers can gain many competitive advantages including:

* Increase productivity and profitability

*Streamline business processes

* Reduce operational costs

* Savings of 30% to 40%

Accurate Transcripts of Colonoscopy Reports

To start with the colonoscopy transcriptions, the physicians have to record the patient details into a recording device. Digital recorder and toll free telephones are the convenient dictation options most firms offer. These dictation options allow you to record multiple patients’ notes in one session. Physicians can dictate any type of colonoscopy reports to the transcription team using the dictation device.

The team ensures accurate transcripts of various reports including:

*Lab reports

* Referral letters

* Diagnostic testing reports

* Preoperative diagnosis

* Postoperative findings

* Medications

* Treatment procedural notes

* Progress notes

* History and physicals

* Operative reports

* Initial evaluation

* Discharge summaries, and more

Accuracy of the transcribed reports is ensured by proofreaders, editors and quality analysts in the team. Upon completion, the transcribed files are sent to the physicians in any format - XML, PDF, HTML, TIFF, JPG, GIF, XML, PageMaker, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Word, Excel or any other required format.

Selecting a Medical Transcription Company – What to Look For

Colonoscopy transcription service providers offer many benefits to their clients. Since there are many companies offering the service, finding one that suits you best is important. When you look for a service provider, there are certain aspects to consider. These include:

* Reputation

* Experience

* Accuracy

* Quality assurance procedures

* TAT capabilities

* Company's billing policy

* HIPAA compliance

* Technology utilized

* Service specializations

Consider outsourcing to a transcription firm that offers customized TAT. When you decide to outsource your colonoscopy transcription, make sure to partner with a company that has a proven track record in providing accurate and prompt colonoscopy transcription services.

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