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5 Healthy Foods Your Not Eating

Posted Jan 04 2010 7:55pm

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Well a new year is here and as usual people will want to make there new years resolution of eating healthier. So what better way to do that then try new foods that you may have been overlooking or just forgot about. These 5 foods aren’t unreal foods that you can only find in the jungle or disgusting foods like “sardines” or “beets” (which are both beyond great for your health) but come on your not Dwight Schrute. You want something easy, great tasting and healthy to keep your body feeling fresh and full of energy, so here they are:

Im not saying no one eats them, but I’m dam sure most of the population either don’t eat them or don’t eat them enough. Almonds provide a source of protein, lower your LDL cholesterol and can help control your weight.

Just a few handfuls every week will have a positive effect on your body and it’s as simple as adding them into your yogurt, cereal, salads or eating them plain with a side of cheese. They tatste great and provide a lot for your body.

Again many people do enjoy spinach, but maybe not as much as they should and there are thousands of people that are just eating plain lettice. So make the switch full time and claim the benefits which include:

  • High in many vitamins and minerals that your body uses to help manage and control weight loss.
  • Full of Flavonoids which work like antioxidants to protect your body from cell damage and diseases like cancer.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory qualities which can help lower the chances of getting migraine headaches, osteoporosis and asthma.
  • If all those weren’t enough they also provide a healthy load of Iron for the body.

This is sort of a weird fruit to eat, it has lots of tiny seeds inside the skin that you pluck out and then eat, all the while staining your skin with the pinkish tint they leave behind. That is why I also advise drinking pomegranate juice, which has all the benefits without the mess.

Pomegranates provide a lot of inner body wonders – by drinking eight ounces per day for about 3 months it can improve the amount of oxygen that gets to your heart muscles for people who have coronary heart disease. It is also known for not letting LDL cholestero l to oxidize and harm your body.

Other benefits include; Helping combat the effects of Erectile dysfunction and also much like aspirin, pomegranates can prevent your blood from clotting and causing devastating attacks like a stroke.

That’s right, a spice made this list. Cinnamon has a great number of health benefits for you including:

  • A high source of fiber, iron and calcium.
  • Certain studies have linked cinnamon along with honey  combined to help relieve arthritis pain. Try mixing 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of honey into a tea, cereal or oatmeal to get great tasting mixture.
  • Other studies have shown cinnamon to have a regulatory effect on your blood sugar, making it a great tool for anyone who has type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon is great tasting and easy to get, try adding it to different foods and drinks to get all the benefits.

Potatoes are a staple in the American diet and almost all potatoes have great qualities for you, but non better than the sweet potato. You can tell right away from its dark orange color that it is much different then all the others and this is because it is packed with antioxidant power.

The sweet potato gives your body Vitamin A which can help slow the aging process and prevent some types of cancers. They provide potassium, fiber, vitamin C, B-6 and E and a normal size sweet potato only has about 60 calories.

They can make a great snack if you have left overs and they can be easily switched into your regular diet without skipping a beat, many people actually enjoy the new change and taste.

Hopefully you can choose a few of these great healthy foods and put the into your regular diet and reap the health benefits they give to you. You could be surprised how easy it is to do things like; put almonds in your cereal, spinach on your sandwich, pomegranate juice in the morning, cinnamon on your toast, sweet potatoes with your dinner. Those aren’t even creative, so imagine what you can really do if you put your mind to it.

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