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5 Healthy Cereal Options

Posted Feb 25 2010 3:20pm


As you have heard countless times… “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Yes, this is true but you also want it to be a healthy meal to go along with your healthy eating lifestyle. So if your looking for a healthy and great tasting cereal then you may want to try some of these options.

Special K with diced almonds – Special K on its own is pretty bland, but when you add in about 1/2 oz of sliced or diced almonds it improves both taste and overall nutrition.

Honey Nut Cheerios – The sugar is is pretty high for one serving (9g) but most of that will be burnt off durning your morning anyways. The high levels of fiber and other vitamins along with a fantastic taste win this debate.

Go Lean Crunch – A great tasting clustery cereal, in one serving it contains only 3g of fat while giving your muscles 9g of protein. You can find this brand at most Costco stores or the “go lean” website.

Corn Flakes with fruit – Just like the special K, Corn Flakes don’t really “wow” your mouth, but by adding some fresh or frozen fruit like strawberries, blueberries or banana’s this simple breakfast cereal is now a fan favorite.

Whole Grain Total – One of my personal favorite tasting cereals, whole grain total not only gives you great taste but 100% daily intake of Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium all the while leaving your body with 1g of total fat.

Finding a balance between health and flavor can be a hard task before you become bored and give up, try making your own creations with fruit, splenda or nuts to give your body the edge in the battle of weight.

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