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Greensboro, North Carolina
I'm 50, I'm happy, I'm reportedly terminal, but don't believe I'm any more terminal than anyone else. I'm married, I have 2 kids 21 and 16. I've been doing well, but can feel myself slipping a bit and looking for some input or to share. If no one can help me, I am sure I can help someone. I mean, why should everyone go through the same mistakes and why shouldn't everyone share in the same triumphs if we are all fighting cancer? Make sense to me. I look forward to this site as I... Full Bio
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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to write a few lines to say that I am a SURVIVOR! So far. I was diagnosed Stage IV HCC 15 months ago and still...


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Mar 03 2009 by HCCandME
Good Deal! Jayden is a stress reliever! At least until he learns to talk really good. Then the "Why?" phase hits. 6 months of "Why?"... LOL
Feb 08 2009 by Jordan M.
If 30 min is all you need then tomarrow you and jayden can have a video chat and watch spongebob together....he says he's willing to do it everyday if you are. we all miss you and love you and can't wait till the lease is up. We'll see you soon. Jordan,Ashley,& Jayden

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