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Basil Vodka is all about clean eating. By eating locally whenever possible and consuming mass amounts of fresh veggies I'm able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the occasional cocktail. My vegetables come first from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), second from my... Full Bio
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Ohio 44446
Hey guys! Alycia here from Fit n Fresh - the blog that revolves around my fit happenings and fresh eats! I enjoy running, working out, healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) cooking and traveling. I'm always on the go or trying to find something new and exciting to do, so I hope you all enjoy my ramblings (:

Christina M.

I'm a graduate student at Simmons College in Boston, MA working on my Masters in Nutrition and Health Promotion. I recently began blogging because 1) I love to read other blogs and 2) I thought it would be fun! I think it is great that with all of these blogs wonderful foods and recipes can be shared. I also think it's important that people realize that even those in the nutrition field don't...
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Arlington, Virginia
I'm not the typical 24 year old. I am in my first year of a Masters of Public Health program at the George Washington University. I hope to use my degree to focus on food insecurity and obesity issues. After spending some time in clinical medicine, volunteering on a Certified All Natural farm and at a food bank, I'm excited to put all of the things I love into a career. I love good, fresh foods....

Simply Maren

Salinas, California
Hello! I'm a 23 year old food and healthy living blogger, art history student, and high school basketball coach. Wheew, there isn't many more minutes left in the day. I love running, baking cupcakes, and reading classic novels. I have an irrational fear of making Asian food, please be my teacher!  Healthy living to me is about balance. I like to eat organic, fresh, and delicious...