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Basil Vodka is all about clean eating. By eating locally whenever possible and consuming mass amounts of fresh veggies I'm able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the occasional cocktail. My vegetables come first from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), second from my... Full Bio
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Grilled Apples

I haven't posted in over a year. Before that, it was probably another year break. Here's what's going on: in order to avoid annoying my Twitter...

I'm 23

Yesterday was my golden birthday. I turned 23 on August 23rd. I don't know why I think 23 is so much different than 22, but it just sounds old. I...

Farmers Market Squash and Almond Pesto

I have a confession. I've been in my new apartment for almost three months now and haven't scouted out the local farmers markets. Until yesterday,...

Ginger Root Stir Fry

Whenever I don't know what I want for dinner I just grab whatever veggies I can find, toss it in a pan and stir fry it up. The veggies don't even...

Spicy Kale Chip Recipe

I'm so late to this party. I made Kale Chips for the first time last night. I did a quick Google search to find a recipe, and they all sounded...

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Aug 31 2010 by Alycia

It's a half marathon and it was actually going to be this weekend - till they cancelled it a couple days ago! For real, I have terrible luck or something lol but I've already found a new one in November so no worries :)

Aug 31 2010 by Alycia
Oh yeah! I really need to set this goal for myself - I suck at strength training regularly :/ You get it girl :)