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HealthBlogger Network Participation Agreement



Your participation in the HealthCentral HealthBlogger Network is governed by the following terms and conditions. By checking the box below you hereby agree to these terms.


You retain ownership of the existing and future blog postings on your blog/website (your "Blogger Content"). You hereby grant The HealthCentral Network, Inc. ("HealthCentral") a royalty-free, paid-up, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of, publicly perform and publicly display your Blogger Content; provided that (i) HealthCentral attributes your Blogger Content to you when it is displayed by HealthCentral and links from your Blogger Content directly to your Health Blogger Profile (as defined below), (ii) HealthCentral promotes you and your blog on a HealthCentral website through a Health Blogger profile page that you create (your "Health Blogger Profile") on a HealthCentral website, and (iii) HealthCentral links back to your blog/website directly from your Health Blogger Profile.

In addition, HealthCentral may from time to time send you requests for you to write on a specific topic or answer a specific question ("Solicited Health Content" and together with your Blogger Content, the "Health Content") for publication on a HealthCentral website. You hereby agree that if you respond to such a request and submit Solicited Health Content to HealthCentral, HealthCentral shall own all rights to such Solicited Health Content exclusively. If for any reason Solicited Health Content submitted by you is not deemed to be owned by HealthCentral, you hereby agree that you assign all rights in such Solicited Health Content to HealthCentral. HealthCentral shall attribute all Solicited Health Content submitted by you to you and shall link directly from such Solicited Health Content to you Health Blogger Profile. In addition, HealthCentral agrees to promote all Solicited Health Content on HealthCentral's auto-generated Answer Pages that are highly search engine optimized in order to maximize the number of people viewing the Solicited Health Content that you submit.

Lastly, any material that you post directly on a HealthCentral website after entering into this agreement, such as a comment, SharePost, question or answer, shall be governed by this Agreement and shall be deemed for all purposes to be Solicited Health Content.


You represent that you have the authority to grant HealthCentral the license above and that your Health Content (i) is not obscene, pornographic, or defamatory, and (ii) does not infringe upon any person's privacy or intellectual property rights. You are solely responsible for your Health Content that is re-published HealthCentral and its legality under all applicable laws and regulations. HealthCentral does not endorse any Health Content.

You represent that your Health Content does not constitute practicing medicine and you further agree that you will not practice medicine through your Health Content.

You represent that your Health Content complies with the Federal Trade Commission's "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" (see at

HealthCentral may terminate your participation in the Health Blogger Network at any time by emailing you and may, in its sole discretion, remove your Health Content from its websites. If you wish to terminate your participation in the HealthBlogger Network and that your Blogger Content cease being used by HealthCentral, you may do so at any time by requesting so in writing. To make such a request, please email HealthCentral at []. Upon HealthCentral's receipt of such a request, the foregoing license shall terminate and HealthCentral shall promptly cease using your Blogger Content.


HealthCentral will provide members of its HealthBlogger Network access to ongoing opportunities such as online health webinars, blogging and search engine optimization training, and opportunities to participate in industry conferences, expert panels, and media interviews.