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The Recovery Resource Blog is a community service of the Hazelden Foundation, the oldest 12-step addiction treatment facility in the US. Hazelden's Recovery Resource Blog, authored by the addiction specialists of this world-renowned facility, is intended to be a forum for the discussion of... Full Bio
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For nurses, a risk when addiction meets access

Drug abuse rates are no higher for health workers than for the rest of us, but addiction to prescriptions does happen, and the industry has...

Hazelden launches treatment program for lawyers, judges, and other

Legal professionals seeking recovery from addiction New program offers tailored treatment for a profession afflicted by twice the...

Hazelden lines up new help for attorney addicts

The program, likely the state’s first, targets a high-pressure career often fueled by drugs and alcohol. Hidden under the high-pressure,...

Disruptive Docs

by J. Trout Lowen Minnesota Medicine, January 2011 “Although addiction affects the brain in the same way whether you’re a neurosurgeon...

10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

By Sarah Mahoney, Good Housekeeping 10 ways to stay strong in the face of tempting cupcakes, pricey shoes, and the urge to hit the snooze...

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