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Hi, I'm Hayley, I blog over at Oat Couture! I'm a 20 something professional clothes horse who is also harboring dreams of becoming a nutritionist in the fairly near future! Although I originally hail from the UK I am currently living in Cyprus with my boyfriend Luke, and our two kids (Cat and dog!) Oscar and Betty! 
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Exercise of The Week - Part 3 (Modified Around the World with an Extended Lunge)

MY VERY FIRST VLOG! EEEEK!  I have to admit I was a little nervous before doing this!! :) Also before I start I want to say a big thank you to...

Exercise of The Week - Part 2 (Incline Push Up)

Hi all! Thanks for all the lovely messages wishing me a fun weekend with Luke back in town! :)  We had a great time, relaxed more than anything...

Exercise of The Week - Part 1 (Sumo Squat to 2 Handed Kettlebell Press)

                                                    source Kettlebell training in general is one of my favourite ways to train. I really...
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