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Coggon, Iowa
I was DX with PBC , primary biliary cirrhosis in 2006 stage 2. fatigue is the first symtoms.chronic pain, back, feet, liver,shoulder blades. Fibromyalgia in liver and back.Panic disorder,don't sleep at night.Put on 55 lbs. I take 3 anitdepresants,do not work very well but it is what they give me 1mgx3 loraxapam .5mg loratab x4 10mg zolpidem bed time along with 15mg remeron .I take urso 500 for my liver x2.wonder if other PBCers are here? there must be a conection to CFS,all the symtoms.... Full Bio
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Sep 22 2010 by babashirl

Hi hayjeannie,

I was DX with PBC, stage 2, April 2009.  I am on Urso 500 X3, along with many vitamins and Calcium (which has given me kidney stones).  The fatigue is not much better than it was even before I was diagnosed.  Have another appointment next week...hope I can get more answers!

Aug 16 2009 by panther
There are two many parallels (Lupus, MS, learning difficulties etc) and strong scientific indicators to rule out CFS and/or ME for that matter,as a non-autoimmune disease dysfunction, especially at such a relatively early stage of research in to ME.