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Hi! I am Harp Girl. I am 24 & feel that I drink more then I should be. Also when I start drinking I can not limit myself. Today August 14th 2011, I have decided to make a change.... For my future children & My health. Also, most of the time after I drink I get depressed & think eveyone is mad at me when they are not....
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What can I do when I get bored and crave a drink?

I just want to stop drinking unless it is a VERY special occasion.

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Aug 24 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with applause, Cheers!
Aug 16 2011 by Harp Girl
Thanks Jeff! I am not actually trying to quit, just figure out how to slow down so it is not a bigger problem in the future. I drink less then most girls my age, but I still feel it is too often...
Aug 16 2011 by Jeff K.
Good luck quitting!


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