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Fredericton, Maine
I am the father of two boys one of whom is 12 diagnosed with Autistic Disorder and assessed with profound developmental delays.
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New Brunswick's Band Aid Adult Autism Disorder Care and Treatment

New Brunswick has an approach to adult autism disorder care and treatment that can most charitably be described as a Band Aid approach.  ...

2 Thumbs Up for the Chalmers Hospital As It Rocks Purple Day to Raise Awareness for Epilepsy! March 26, 2015

Dawn Bowie, a long time friend who works at the Emergency Department of the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton New Brunswick shared this...

Run Jump Fly Boy Will Soon Return

With the return of Spring after a tough winter will come lots of  outdoor time on our trails in the beautiful City of Fredericton with Conor....

THANK YOU Conservative MLA Jake Stewart and NDP Leader Dominic Cardy For Speaking Up In Support Of Adult Autism Care and Treatme

New Brunswick governments have been outstanding in establishing an internationally recognized early evidence based autism intervention...

19 Year Old Non Verbal Autistic Man Evicted From Miramichi Special Care Home Because He Is An Adult

Huge gaps remain n New Brunswick's adult autism residential care and treatment system. An autism specific residential care and treatment...
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Sep 26 2010 by Rachel2010
my son has a form of autism he is getting ready to turn three and he's going to school but the problem is at home. How do u punish a toddler with a form of autism? Does he understand when I say come here? He is my first child so I am not sure how to punish and I don't like yelling, spanking and it is getting no where. Thanks Rachel

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