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Fredericton, Maine
I am the father of two boys one of whom is 12 diagnosed with Autistic Disorder and assessed with profound developmental delays.
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October 18, 2003: Andy Scott Called for a Strong National Autism Strategy; Will October 19, 2015 Deliver A Government That Will

Andy Scott called for a REAL National Autism Strategy that would ensure treatment for autism 12 years ago,  Munson, Thibeault, and Stoffer...

Would My Son With Severe Autism Disorder Be Happier If I Had Listened to Robison, Ne'eman, Silberman & Other Strangers?

The picture above was taken a few days ago.  I believe anyone can look at the picture and see the happiness on my 19 year old severely...

Autism, Politics and the Return of the Run Jump Fly Boy

I have been engaged in autism advocacy during the recent Canadian federal election.  I do so at the federal level for the sole...

Fredericton Liberal Matt DeCourcey: Liberal Party Committed to A National Autism Strategy Addressing Access to ABA/IBI

Fredericton Liberal Candidate Matt DeCourcey Email received October 2, 2015 from Fredericton Liberal Candidate Matt...
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Sep 26 2010 by Rachel2010
my son has a form of autism he is getting ready to turn three and he's going to school but the problem is at home. How do u punish a toddler with a form of autism? Does he understand when I say come here? He is my first child so I am not sure how to punish and I don't like yelling, spanking and it is getting no where. Thanks Rachel

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