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This team is about making goals into reality. This team will support everyone to help them achieve their goals. Team Members: 29 Team Goals: Add more fiber to my diet, Avoid fast food, Avoid high fat foods, Avoid red meat, Bike, Dance, Drink more water, Eat healthy, Exercise, Run, Strength training, Stretch
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Posted by Omar l.

I am not sure why wellsphere sent so many e-mails to different ppl when i got on my computer i had over 200 e-mails. Will i get more e-mails later because this was a hassle. Please tell me if this happened to you.


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I received 3 email requests to join your you have a team entitled Hard Work?
I received your invitation three times also...??

O okay i see what was the problem it sended invitations to alot of people for some reason.

Hi Omar,

When you created the team, you must have selected the option to invite everyone with a related goal, so a lot of emails were sent out to the community. Some users received more than one invitation from you because they have more than one related goal. We will implement a change so users only receive one message from the team leader. If you have any other questions, feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

no its okay i feel that the messages that were sent to other people benefited my team its okay

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