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Just wanted the Happiness Group to know about... Hi Happiness Community. If you are in the NE Region (MA, NH, ME, RI, CT, VT) I want to let you ...
Mar 09 2011 2:38am
Keep us posted if it ever comes to California, cause I want a vibrant life. more
Mar 19 2013 4:46pm
A Very Different Christmas Choosing a radical shift for the holidays  Christmas has always been a huge family time, in my ...
Dec 13 2010 4:24pm
How can I explain my "feelings" to my retired...  My husband is more a "thing" person than a "people" person I believe. He doesn't believe in wasti ...
Feb 10 2010 5:04pm
As a retried military man myself, I recommend you two find something you both like to do... more
Apr 17 2013 4:09pm
Going Out or Staying In Tonight? My husband and I are staying in and baking a cake, an adivce we're taking from an article we found ...
Jan 05 2009 5:51pm
Being 16 (almost 17!) it's easy to find inexpensive yet fun things to do. With a... more
Nov 03 2009 6:03am
Burn Victim Survivor Story My father Mike Teters was in a propane explosion on May 15, 2006. He had no insurance, due to a prev ...
Dec 26 2008 4:11pm
This made me happy :) I'm posting this in here because I think laughter is the best medicine, sometimes. I got a kick ou ...
Oct 07 2008 12:11pm