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“The Way We Live Our Days, What We Do at 10 A.M., Really Is the Way We Live Our Lives” by Gretchen R. Patient Expert   Interview: Brigid Schulte . I’m fascinated by habits and happiness, so I’m very interested in how we can use our time wisely, get the most out of every day, incl ... Read on »
Do You Find It Hard To Imagine That an Important Place Continues, After You Leave? by Gretchen R. Patient Expert “I didn’t entirely like this glossy new surface, because it made the school look like a museum, and that’s exactly what it was to me, and what I did not want it to be. In ... Read on »
Catch me in Miami in May by Alexander Kjerulf (The Chief Happiness Officer) Patient Expert I’ll be speaking at the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit , which is May 18-20 in Miami. How awesome is that :) By the way – if you have half a chance, you should ... Read on »
The Realm of Giving and Generosity by RickHanson The specific meaning of “dana” is giving, which is related to the quality of “caga” (in Pali), or generosity. The one involves doing, while the other involves being. W ... Read on »
10 Damaging Lies and Excuses Your Mind Loves to Tell You by MarcAndAngel Patient Expert It is ultimately only our own thoughts that hurt us. The mind is a wonderful thing.  It’s also a total liar and an excuse machine that frequently tries to c ... Read on »
Revealed! Book Club Choices for March by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest: · one outstanding book about happiness or habits · one outstanding work of children ... Read on »
Friday Favorite by RickHanson A little determination can go a long way – as you’ll see in this short video. Enjoy! The post appeared first on . Read on »
To Be Creative, What Are the Best Habits To Follow? by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Assay : This post is back by popular demand, because when I tell people that I’ve been working on Better Than Before , my book about habit change, one of the questions t ... Read on »
How we talk about ourselves may keep us afraid to be ourselves by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Phyllis (Barbara Stanwyck): We’re both rotten. Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray): Only you’re a little more rotten. [Double Indemnity, 1944] Those sort ... Read on »
7 Ways to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong by MarcAndAngel Patient Expert When life is “falling apart,” it could actually be falling together… for the very first time.  Which is why it feels so darn uncomfortable.  Consider that what’s i ... Read on »