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Your personal mission statement

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

Do you have a personal mission statement? Do you feel like you are living your life on purpose? If you answered no to either of these questions, I have some suggestions for you.

Your personal mission statement serves as a guide to keep you focused on your life purpose and moving forward on a day-to-day basis. Create a mission statement that motivates and inspires you to get moving each day. Like a beacon, it will help you find your way when you are lost or confused.

A personal mission statement includes two main aspects - what you want to accomplish in life and who you want to be. Include the characteristics and values that you want to develop and strengthen. A mission statement is the summary of how you want to be known and the impact you want to have on this world. It is an overview of what you want to do with your life.

A good mission statement is short and to the point. Try to keep yours to 3-5 sentences. Write your mission statement down and keep it in a place where you will see it everyday. The more you read your mission statement the more it will sink into your subconscious mind. The repetition will also help create new neural pathways, making it easier to hold these positive thoughts. As your subconscious mind accepts this statement, you will find that your inner resources line up with the field of infinite possibilities to help guide you step by step toward the fulfillment of your mission.

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