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Your First Love?

Posted Jun 13 2010 9:30pm

Letters From the King

Dear Child,

Who is your first love? Who or what do you think about every hour of your day? What occupies your time, energy, and thoughts?

Do you remember when I first called you? Do you remember when you answered, "Yes, Lord"? Do you remember the rushing joy of knowing. . .knowing you were loved, alive, awakened, free. Do you remember when you first knew Me - when you understood I was the one and only God, surrendered to Me and became a new?

How is it that I have fallen out of your favor? When did that passion fade? What shined more brightly than Me? Who absorbed your undivided attention to the point you could barely remember Me?

And through it all, I have remained faithful to you ... wanting, hoping, longing for you to return.. I have never left you. Never once did I give up. And still I have not lost My hope for you..

Oh, My child, remember Me. I am your one and only  first love! I will not share that spot in your heart with another.  I am your cleansing breath in the fresh morning dew. And at the end of the day I long to hold you as you  fall fast asleep. When will you ever understand, I am all you ever need.

I bid you to love Me with all your heart, mind and soul once again, as you did in the first days when to you I became known to you.

Love Me. Need Me. Adore Me. I am always waiting for you. You are forever my darling child.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Lindy Abbott 2010

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