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You can split it up to Cheap WOW Gold

Posted Sep 15 2012 1:58am
Members: Requirements: To go really fast to 99 prayer you'll need about 108mil (though you can split it up to Cheap WOW Gold go stage by level), The best factor to do to get your Rs Gold value for exp is to buy creature bone strait of GE and use the bone on a lit gilded church.The best world to do this in is world 31 as that is the property celebration world. Many individuals there promote homes. What you are looking for is someone saying  certain house has G Altar You will want to go to this individuals house and look for a very crowded church and use you bone on it. When using this church when both incense burning are lit you will get 300 % more exp. For creature bone this would mean you'll get 252 exp per bone, other than the 72 exp you'd get from just burying.

To get 99 prayer you'll need about 100  110 mil value of creature bone. Once you've bought all those bone it'll be less than monthly until you get 99 if you offer your very best. Good Luck. Note: Only use bone on church when both incense burning are lit. Or else you won't get 300 % more exp.

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