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Yoga Loft

Posted Dec 14 2012 9:05am
Since I have cut back on my running , I decided to try some new classes and workouts. There are some neat looking classes at my gym I want to try but when Kelsey mentioned joining her for a class at Yoga Loft I agreed. Actually, I first questioned this place that obviously is focused on yoga since it is called the Yoga Loft

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12.11.43 PM

I openly admit that I don’t really like yoga. I like yoga when it is done but I don’t enjoy the whole yoga thing. And it is nearly impossible to get myself to go to a yoga class. I think yoga is a GREAT concept for MOST PEOPLE. I probably ‘need’ yoga more than anyone else in this world to decrease my stress and running aches and pains. Yoga stresses me out. I just can’t jump on the yoga train. Kelsey assured me this wasn’t yoga, it was a sculpt class. Specifically, this class:
Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12.11.19 PM
Once upon a time (like a couple months ago) I was a recent participant in the core class at my gym. I really liked it. Alas, my Thursdays got oddly booked. Anyway, I agreed. Another weird thing about me agreeing to this class is that it was at 5:45… as in evening. I think this is the first time I’ve done anything remotely sweaty (or physical activity at all, besides that core class at my gym and a yoga class once) after 10 am in well over a year. It’s either morning or nothing for this lady. It is what works for me. But yes, this is rather rigid. Working on it…
Conclusion?!?! I LOVED it!!! It went by SO FAST!!! And it was quite the workout. Tim, the instructor was awesome! He incorporated some random stuff to keep our heart rates up (knee kicks, say what?) and was really encouraging. And guess what?!?! Very few crunches! Crunches are soooo boring and something I can do (and do) on my own. 
I was really sore the next day. Sore in a great way. Turns out I use my abs a lot. Like when I open my curtains and laugh. 
Conclusion – I loved this class and love Kelsey for opening my mind and pulling me out of my rigid non-evening workout ways.
What other classes should I consider? Thinking about barre. 

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