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WoW Mists Of Pandaria Best Hunter Spec For Instances

Posted Oct 20 2012 7:40am

Playing a hunter is one of the most fun characters in Mists Of Pandaria. How you choose to spend talent points to spec your hunter depends on how you want to use it for making wow gold, and what phase of the game you are playing. Before choosing a spec for hunter,here let's see wow Mists of Pandaria best hunter spec for instances.

Mists of Pandaria best hunter Spec can be Marksmanship (MM) for PVE, raiding, and instances. Marksmanship talents give bonuses to group members, and make the hunter a true DPS dealer, which is more useful for groups in raids and instances.

Spend points in Survival to gain Trap Mastery and Clever Traps for MM spec hunters. These abilities make the hunter better at crowd control (CC). This is the best spec combination for instances and end-game raiding in groups to gain cheap Mop gold.

Players can put some talents into Survival to make your BM or MM hunter even stronger. Most players prefer not to spec Survival, but that talent tree offers many useful abilities that combine well with either Beastmaster or Marksmanship.

In fact,a couple of the talents are optional and don't really matter too much. It can obviously tweak slightly depending on personal preference, goal and even what type of pet you have. For Instances and raid up until around SSC BT and MH, I would suggest MM. I find that in Kara and gruuls even if you are BM spec'd your pet can be a deterrent rather than any help. A majority of the fights are ranged in nature. Well. it's just my opinion but my damage is insane and I am usually a solid percentage of my raids dps if not on top. BM is great after kara and gruuls. Although im probably going to go SV for those type of raids. Expose armor is a great debuff!

We can get to know the conclusion from the article that the best hunter spec for instances can be MM. If there's anything you need to know more or to get buy cheap mop gold news, you can check out at

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