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Worldview Transforming Continues…

Posted Oct 14 2012 10:03pm

What is it that we really believe and why do we believe it?

Does what we believe determine our experiences of what we call reality?
Is it possible that we can change our beliefs and as a result change the
way we experience reality, and if so will this translate into a new
worldview? Will changing the way we experience our world actually change our world?

How can it not?

We believe the world and the universe works the way we have been taught to believe it works, and yet our experiments in quantum mechanics and our experiences with the quantum movement problem seem to suggest the falsity, i.e. the ‘wrongness’, of our previously held beliefs, and yet we cling to those beliefs rather than ask ourselves important questions like;

I’m not saying that I, personally, have all the answers, and I am not asking anyone to believe anything. What I am saying is that I have learned that asking the “right” questions may be much more important than looking for answers because the really “good” questions seem to have a way of answering themselves, if only in my mind or my imagination… but if belief is as powerful as non-locality and ancient wisdom suggests, just how important are our minds and our imagination??

It seems to me that in order to transform our worldview we have to
re-define ourselves and our world. We have defined ourselves thus far by
our actions and our world is the result of those actions, whether we
want to admit it or not, therefore we must change our actions, and in
order to do so we must change the beliefs that have caused us to take
those actions.

If we were to come to the conclusion that everything in our world must be re-defined according to a new paradigm, would we be better off waiting for this new paradigm to emerge according to the beliefs of those who consider themselves to be superior to us, or might we consciously choose to help it evolve in a way that is beneficial to us all?

What might a worldview that is beneficial to us all even look like?

We haven’t yet come to understand the full implications of what we call relativity, and we are just beginning to struggle with quantum understandings, but the two things these theories have in common is
energy and change.

If everything is made up of energy, and that energy is constantly moving
and changing, then to me that suggests that we should begin our
re-definition by re-defining everything in terms of a unity or unified
field of energy in motion, or what scientists call kinetic energy.

What is this kinetic energy? How does it “work”? From where does
it originate?

According to my understanding there are two basic types of energy that we call kinetic energy and potential energy. Since this kinetic energy must be coming from somewhere, it seems logical to me that it is coming from wherever potential energy exists.

The difference between kinetic energy and potential energy is that one
is moving and the other is at “rest” or not moving. If potential energy is not moving it is obviously not vibrating, and since our physical tools or sensors detect vibrations of the different spectrums we experience as light, how would we experience potential energy as anything other than the absence of light? I’m not saying we wouldn’t… but how else might we experience potential energy?

Could it be that our ancient descriptions of an omnipotent, omniscient,
omnipresent creator are actually descriptions of an interactive matrix
of information or intelligence that is both moving and not moving, vibrating and not vibrating, experienced and not experienced kinetic and potential energy?

If kinetic energy is what we call light that is moving, then potential energy must be defined as light that is not moving. If everything that exists is made of light that is either moving or not moving, then there cannot really be such a thing as darkness except in our experience of darkness or our lack of awareness of non-moving light.

Could it be that what we call the singularity at the center of what we call a “black hole”, which we experience as a complete and total absence of light, might be a portal to some kind of well of potential energy that we can’t see or detect, rather than an object so densely packed as to swallow light?

What if everything we have imagined about black holes is, not wrong but,
inaccurate? None of what we hold to be true about black holes has really
been proven. Which of these two possibilities seems more logical if the
only thing that exists is energy?

If everything that exists is energy, wouldn’t it make more sense for us to define everything that exists in terms of the cycles, phases, fields, frequencies, amplitudes, resonances, rhythms, and harmonics of energy in motion?

If everything that exists is energy, then why in the world do we have to
“pay” for it, or produce it in ways that are harmful to us and our planet? Does that make any sense to you?

If everything that exists is energy, and there is such a thing as intelligence or consciousness, wouldn’t that necessarily mean that energy somehow possesses intelligence or consciousness? What if that
energy is the energy of consciousness itself being projected through a
process that we misunderstand as thought?

Wouldn’t this represent the proof of Intelligent Design? Could it be that there is an Intelligent Architect so far beyond our ability to understand that even trying to understand it boggles the human mind in its present state of awareness?

Somehow, somewhere, sometime, someone taught us through religious
beliefs that it is impossible to understand the creator, and worse, a sin to ask questions whose answers might provide a better understanding of the creator, or not to have faith in the power and authority of those who claimed to be representatives of “God”.

Because of these beliefs religion, which should be the meta-physical
science of seeking an understanding of that which cannot be seen, has
morphed into the dogmatic beliefs of blind obedience to that which
cannot be understood.

That which cannot be seen has been demonized and labeled as ”occult” to keep us from seeking an understanding of the Creator. What does occult really mean? It simply means that which cannot be seen, but we have been taught to translate it as devil worship. Why? Why else but to keep us from seeking to understand the Creator?

It is impossible to understand the creator in the same way it is impossible for a first grader to understand advanced calculus. If first  graders were taught that it is impossible to understand advanced calculus and that basic math, algebra, geometry, etc. was the work of
the devil, how many first graders would grow up to become mathematicians?

What if this consciousness energy, or at least the potential part, never
really changes, but the kinetic part always changes its state of awareness because it is being distorted, or its vibrations are slowing
down as it moves farther away from its source, and sped up as it moves
back to its source?

This would mean that there is an enormous potential for the distortion
of what we call awareness without any change whatsoever to what we call consciousness. Hey, that’s almost comforting. :)

Could it be that we exist in a dimension or density of distorted awareness from which we are trying to un-distort that awareness to higher states of potential awareness, or an awareness of an unlimited potential in a journey of ascension back to our source?

This would mean that the only difference between ourselves and that
Intelligent Architect is one of awareness or perspective based on our point of view, that is based in learned false beliefs about ourselves.

Wow!!! Can you possibly wrap your “mind” around that?

Let me know how this is landing on you… there more on the way!

with love,

Mary K

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