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Working with scary thrills or irrational dread

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:52pm

Scared Many people choose to get scared in certain situations: thrill rides, horror movies, bungee jumping, running in front of bulls.

But what about dealing with unwanted terror?

And can fear ever be useful?

If you feel shut down or blocked from developing or expressing your talents because of anxiety, there are many ways to help deal with it.

Continued in my article Scary thrills or irrational dread: working with fear and anxiety.

The Linden Method to manage anxiety

Charles Linden has been coaching anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, stress and phobias elimination for over a decade.

He describes how he developed The Linden Method:

“I read dozens of self help books by the most renowned experts.. But nothing worked

“I soon realized that the cause of my anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts wasn’t what I had believed it to be.

“Then, during my research, I found research by Skinner and Watson, both eminent behavioral psychologists who had dedicated their lives to discovering the science of behavior and its relationship with memory.

“Comparing Skinner and Watson’s conclusions with those I had created from the interviews with hundreds of recovered anxiety sufferers that I had undertaken, it suddenly all became very clear indeed.

“I then took my conclusions, created a simple, practical structure that allowed me to ‘practice’ this logic and within hours I felt different.

“I felt empowered and positive and stronger. I felt more focused. I felt like something had reached the ‘core’ of my anxiety and scraped a little of it away…

“As time went on, I was able to ‘fine tune’ my method, adding useful resources, discovering new techniques and identifying conclusively, what does and doesn’t have value.”

From article The Amazing Discovery that Saved My Life From Anxiety.


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