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Work Towards your Dreams Today!

Posted Mar 11 2010 1:41pm

How many times have you said to yourself any of the following things? "Next year I am going to finally ask for the promotion I want!" What about; "Next year I am definitely going to open up my own business!" Or one of the statements I most commonly hear: "Next year is the year I cut down my hours at the office and finally start to spend more time with my kids."

So, tell me... have you done any of them yet?

If you found yourself saying, "that sounds just like what I would say" or "I am definitely going to do that too," then what exactly are you waiting for? Have you started personal development planning or sought the guidance of a Life Coach?

You are much less likely to achieve your goals without starting your personal development planning or having the guidance of a Life Coach. This is a simple truth.

Whether you are seeking more work life balance, stress reduction, better time management, or an improvement in your professional life or business, things are much harder to accomplish when you go at them alone.

Why is this a fact? Because you have nobody holding you accountable for your actions or lack thereof, because you are not able to see yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses from a neutral point of view, and most importantly because you are not able to keep yourself out of your own way.

That's right.

The majority of the reason as to why so many people don't achieve the work life balance or personal or professional development that they set out to do is because they are their own biggest obstacle!

This year, if you have not yet achieved what you set out to do on January 1st, you owe it to yourself to seek the guidance of a Life Coach. Working with a coach simply gets you where you want to be in life at a much faster rate. After all, there's a reason why top executives and athletes use them on a regular basis!

Sonia Gallagher is an Executive Life Coach, attorney, and entrepreneur. She coaches professionals and business owners who are ready to be challenged out of their comfort zone to create lasting changes in self-limiting behaviors and patterns, create professional and personal leaps in their life, achieve goals, and experience continued success through work life balance. If you are ready for the challenge, contact her today and don't forget to pick up your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Success through Balance!

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