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Work-out recap (last 20 miler before MARATHON)

Posted Sep 18 2012 5:45pm
Here is a rundown of my weekly workouts! It is late in the week. I was having foot drama yesterday. More on that in another post. This post will be positive. 
Ready GO!
Monday: There was no running or cardio of any kind after my half marathon Sunday. I did go to the gym to do some upper body lifting and stretching.
Tuesday: 10-miler Tuesday! Really good run. My long runs during the week are mentally a huge challenge. It is early and a lot of miles. But I get ‘er done. During mile 9 I stopped to take a pic and forgot to stop my watch. Doh! I was clearly distracted by the sunrise… it was spectacular! 
Wednesday: An always awesome spin class. I was feeling oh-so-very blah at the beginning but by the end I was happy. I knew that would happen!!! Tuesday night was a classic Emily-breakdown night (aka sobbing to my mom on the phone) so I needed a good workout to get my day started. I also did abs and leg strength stuff
Thursday: 8 miles. Plus PM abs class and arm weights. I also wore new shoes. Same shoes as always. Just new. I did several Fartleks based on where I was along the Lakeshore. So rather random speed variations. Felt good. FYI this is when the top of my foot started hurting. This is the foot drama I referenced at the beginning of the post. Still, I’m gunna leave you hangin because I have no answers. I don’t want to write about it yet.
Friday: Swimming and water jogging due to foot pain. 
Saturday: 20 miler!! Third and final of the Chicago Marathon training cycle. Wooo. Fun fact. Each of my 20-milers have felt progressively easier and faster. This might have something to do with the fact that the temp was much better for a 20-miler than the previous ones. But I seriously felt I could keep going. Couple things to note. I have a kinda goal for the marathon to average around 9:00 miles. That was accomplished on this long run with an average of 8:59 minute miles. Also note that the last mile happened to be dominated in 9 minutes. Why, that is neat. 
EXCEPT for that foot thing.
Spoiler: it doesn’t really hurt when I run.
Fact: Something is wrong with it anyway.
Reality: Cut the plan of 22 miles to 20 and be happy. 
So here’s the thing. The run was AMAZING! Legs felt wonderful (take that with a grain of salt – I’m no super woman – 20 miles is painful) and I have actually recovered really well from that run. Except the foot. 
Here’s the other thing. My stomach. OH LORD MY STOMACH. I’m going to not get toooo far into it. My own mother told me I should not feel like I need to be so detailed while discussing this. I’m assuming the general public doesn’t need a good amount of detail.
Well. Here is the summary: 2 GUs (nothing new, consumed at mile 7 and 15) –> felt good on run except for some random waves of stomach cramps (also, again, these waves are pretty normal… but my stomach doesn’t love fueling while running but they are waves and I work through them) –> Finished run. Very happy. –> My stomach feels awful as I’m walking home and I need to stop at Starbucks for an emergency bathroom break (no details here… you get the picture) –> I get home and spend the next several hours in the fetal position near my toilet. 
Once food seemed manageable I tried to focus on getting calories in (scary low on calories following that run = tons of peanut butter with a spoon) and fruit and veggies (increase fluids) with protein. I drank tons of water. My stomach was still not 100% at lunch time on Sunday but it is perfectly normal now. I’m going to brush that off as a one time thing. I didn’t eat anything different the entire 24 hours before the long run. My stomach actually has been more fussy the last month (during all parts of my life, not just running) or so since I’ve been off my birth control. Hmmm. Anyone else have any experience with this? 
That is all for now folks. 
I will discuss the foot in a future post. Get excited. 
When was the last time you spent a lot of time in the fetal position next to the toilet? I was having flashback of my Sophomore year of college. Fun times.

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