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Within Winter season:Moncler Down Jacket, Which have Nerves Of Steel; Which Free As A Bird.

Posted Oct 24 2012 5:29am

Down is long on the goose duck abdomen, shape present a reed flowers shaped nap; However the slice is a feather. cheap moncler jackets Because feather is a kind of animal protein fiber is better than that of cotton (plant cellulose) insulation resistance is high, and the ball down the fiber of the triangle is never small hole, can change with the temperature change and shrinkage expansion, produce temperature function, can absorb human body sends out the heat flow, it is important to the invasion of cold air from the outside world.

However, when we put on comfortable down jacket, Moncler Jackets Sale Familiar with the item’s people, may know what it contains unique connotation. Nitrogen dye, I say is its cold resistance function, namely, its advantages. In the cotton, wool, silk and down four natural heat preservation materials, down the heat preservation performance best. In France and Germany’s scientific research institutions have put down as the most ideal bedding. Moncler Womens Vest for Sale Meanwhile, China’s large medical LiShiZhen in compendium of materia medica also mentioned: choose goose abdominal villi for clothes, BeiXu, soft and new sex cold, very suitable for soothe baby.

On the other hand, down also has other heat preservation material did not have the hygroscopic divergent good function. For example, according to the professional measurement, the person is in morpheus when the body constantly to send forth the khan gas; An adult a night can send out a sweat about 100 grams left and right sides, down to continuous absorption and emission people release sweat, make the body not damp and hot feeling Moncler Womens Winter Coats.

So, this is down jacket is expensive reason. And also demonstrates the Moncler as guardians of the winter, also not wave get hollow reputation. Best 2012 Moncler In other words, that is, if you want to let oneself have a nice and warm winter vacation, I think you must not miss this holiday is you present fashion brand: Moncler Down Jacket.

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