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Why there is a boom in the market for sap training?

Posted Nov 22 2012 7:30pm

Every business today works on par with the technological advancement and with the growth in technology, there is a high growth seen in the company’s functioning too. In this case, keeping track of all the activities being carried out at the companies regarding the various steps of functioning is difficult; especially, the financial issues. With the ups and downs seen in the functioning of the global market, everybody is now very careful about how they manage their expenses and such. It is then when the employment of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution becomes important. Almost in all the organizations today, be it small, medium or big, the operations of development, manufacturing, sales and management has become easy to handle with the usage of ERP packages. There are different companies that offer such services to the businesses based on their sizes. SAP, Oracle and Microsoft offers the ERP services mostly to the Big businesses and also to some of the medium sized ones.


  SAP which stands for ‘System Application and Products in Data   Processing’ is the most common and by and large used ERP software package. It is employed greatly by many companies to carry out the financial and other day to day business transactions in them. SAP being the popular ERP package in demand, has attracted several graduates – experienced and non-experienced, towards itself. Also, even if one enters an organization which works on SAP, the company trains them in it. And as known, there are many organizations in line as such. Hence, people have considered the SAP online training as an important requisite to get into big companies.

Importance of SAP

All MBA colleges also teach the methods of dealing with the financial, Marketing and Sales, Accounts, Manufacturing and such related working facets of an organization. Yet, SAP is regarded at a degree higher above what is taught in the MBA subjects as it not only equips one with the required knowledge but enhances their knowledge and skills they’ve learnt in there. With the practical knowledge that one gets during a SAP courses makes they understand the company’s business process and requirements to the tee. It also gets them acquainted to the other realms of functioning of the business to suit well the requirements of it and act accordingly by making their presence valued in the organization they work in or the client they work for.

Also, SAP is not just for the MBA grads to learn. Any graduate is eligible to get trained in SAP provided they are sure about being able to work in that domain in the future. And this is the scenario mostly existing in the world today as a result of which, there a high boom in the market for SAP training.

Choosing the right SAP training

Well, this might sound a tad bit confusing having told so much about the SAP training. But one has to understand that there are about 12 different modules in SAP categorized under 3 different functional areas – Logistics (SDMM), FICO (Finance) and HR. One has to understand the possible role they would be playing in the organization they are going to work in and choose the appropriate one to get trained at. Currently, the demand has been high for in almost all these modules.

Thus, due to the above mentioned factors and also the fact that being trained at SAP fetches one really good remuneration when skilled at it; there is great boom in the market for SAP training.

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