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whose responsible?

Posted Jun 27 2010 10:06am
I found a great article while trolling the internet this a.m. It was all about whose responsible for your or my happiness.
Basically, we are each responsible for the quality of our own life. Not your parents, or your boss or kids etc...It’s all up to each of us.
Circumstances happen-thoughts are then created around that. Feelings are then generated which lead us to action or nonaction. This all mixes together and gives us the outcome!
SO to sum that up: circumstance + thoughts on that+ feelings about it = outcome.
Most of us look to blame for our unhappiness. By blaming others we avoid owning the above equation. We also avoid taking responsibility and this leads us to lack of success.
“Not my fault”..”they made me this way” “if only THEY” had done different” those are 3 triggers that most of us use to keep things out of our control. This then distorts thinking further and makes seeing reality harder. It becomes a conspiracy theory.
It is easy in this world to be come a whiny, moaning, drain to anyone willing to listen. Each time we do this we become smaller and less powerful.
Let’s start taking responsibility by going down the path less chosen. FIrst of all STOP! Next, let go of blame and take responsibility for thoughts, feelings, actions and results.
5Steps to success 1. Acknowledge truth: accept the truth about a situation. It’s not about blame.. it’s just a story.
2. Be imperfect: We judge others by their actions, we judge ourselves by intention. So if something doesn’t meet our internal high standard, it is easy to criticize or blame. We must remember we are ALL trying to do our best. Sometimes we get things wrong. The hardest part is allowing imperfection into out life!
3. Take responsibility!: for the thoughts we think, feelings we create, and actions we choose to take or not. WE create our outcomes, we ALWAYS have a choice.
4. Take a different view: try reframing from a different perspective. Step into the other person’s shoes, view from the observer perspective.. helps for understanding.
5. Stop trying to change others!!: Biggest time waster in life! We cannot change someone who doesn’t want to or refuses to change.
IF you follow these, steps you should see a more balanced and happy life. It is really about you or I and how we choose to show up.
Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have all gotten us where we are right now...
the question is Where do we go from here?
Instead of staying stuck and ruminating.. “WHere do I go from here?” It is a powerful question. Ask it.. see where it might lead!
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