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Who are you really??

Posted Apr 30 2010 3:08am
Ahhhh... . gotta love Fridays!!! Especially when you don’t have to work and it is going to be a beautiful day out!!
I still have my nagging cough at night so sleep has been elusive to say the least. Hence, I have no energy to exercise right now... This is the first day I have had in WEEKS where I don’t have to do anything for anyone or be anywhere..I am so excited to do my few errands,, walk my pooch and hopefully nap in the sunshine? Maybe that is what my body needs to recoup? The weather has been so topsy turvy here in Vermont. It snowed and was in the 30’s two days ago.. tomorrow in the 80’s! Between this and the full moon I think most have been out of sorts here in the Northeast.
I have been feeling the pull of putting myself out there with my blog. I have kept it under wraps with a lot of people in my life due to fear of ridicule. I have realized lately though, that only hurts myself. When we let other people’s voice and opinion’s get in the way, we can lose the true joy in life. To maximize our experience of happiness, we need to identify our passions and follow them, regardless of their impact on our social ratings. This is essential to the development of happiness and healthy self esteem! To censor who we are really only hurts us!
Do you feel you are true to yourself? Do you struggle to find your inner voice? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail or wouldn’t be ridiculed? Would there be something different in your life than what is now? Would you be trying out something, or showing a different side of yourself? What is stopping you? How have you overcome these obstacles in the past? I would love to hear!
Today I vow to do one small thing to stop censoring myself.. then tomorrow another...
happy friday!
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