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Where Has all the Motivation Gone?

Posted Aug 05 2012 1:20am

Have you ever wanted or thought you ‘should’ go for a run or do some form of phsyical activity but after a long day all you wanted was to get into your PJ’s and lie under a blanket with a good book?

Well, I am no stranger to this feeling at all! The negative side to signing up for a half marathon though is you quickly need to uncover the motivation needed to whoop your ass into gear.

First it needs to be stated that there is no such thing as motivation. I believe in dedicated hard work.

So here are my most helpful tips that I have recently learnt gets me out of bed or stops me from lying on the couch and out running. Remembe it’s not a matter of motivation it’s about consistency. So use these helpful hints to help you keep consistenly training to whatever your fitness goals are that’s when you will see results.

1) Put your gear on: Instead of bargaining with yourself, the easiest thing I find is to put your running gear on and step outside. Sometimes I end up at the gym at which point I begin wondering – how did I get here when I’d much prefer to be home relaxing? Simple don’t think just do.

2) The 10 minute rule: If your head is filled with negativity and excuses sometimes the easiest thing to invoke is the 10 minute rule. Tell yourself I am going to go for a run now, and if I still am hating the idea and excruciating pain then after 10 minutes I can return home.

The best thing about this is once your outside exercising and already 10 minutes in you are probably enjoying it and won’t need to go back to bed.

3) Start off small: I’ve discovered that if I have already psyched myself out before I go for a run it leaves me even more unwilling and usually is a worse off run because of it. By making yourself go for a 5km run with 5 minute km’s it seems so daunting and you might be unwilling to start. So it might be best to lower the expectation bar. By lowering the bar to more easy mangeable goals it will be easier to accomplish and have you wanting to continually strive to meet these goals.

By lowing the expectation bar, you are more willing and at ease to go out for a run and run 3km and then continue running if you are enjoying it, as opposed to continually having self doubt within your head because the bar seemed to be to daunting. So start off small and lower the bar to get yourself out the door.

4) What’s stopping you? Personally this is my faovrite, but it might not work for everyone – especially those with limited time. When the idea to go for a run or some kind of physical activity pops into your head, before you immediately squash this, ask yourself ‘what’s stopping me?’ For me, if it’s not raining nor in the middle of the day, I haven’t recently eaten and have no urgent matters to tend to I know I have to go for a run because there’s nothing stopping me from doing so.

So, now you should have four new handy tricks up your sleeve and there should be no excuses stopping you from putting on your gear, going out for small achievable runs –after all whats stopping you?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

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