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When life stinks, spray the spray.

Posted Nov 11 2010 6:20pm

It's a familiar phrase used in my household, referring to a variety of... er, opportunities to make things smell better, metaphorically and literally. I do my best to find the value in challenges, knowing that poop turns into compost, that one person's garbage is anothers treasure, etc. Yet, sometimes sh** just stinks and it's time to spray the spray.

Why write about this on a health/coaching/intuition blog? Because you know what I'm talking about!

✿ We all have stinky thoughts sometimes (A result of being out of balance and/or repeating habitual behavior).

✿ We have all had the experience of not liking what's happening in our life, which can send us on an emotional roller coaster ("Gah! This stinks!").

✿ We all poo (Our body's brilliant way of taking the nourishment it needs and releasing the rest).

✿ We all fart (Our body's way of saying " Hey, I need some digestive help! ").

✿ We have all had to clean out an apartment, refridgerator, basement, car, etc. ("Man, this stinks. It smells bad in here.")

✿ We have all felt slimed or dumped on by someone else's tirade. ("How do I get their stinky energy off of me?")

✿ We have all had that freaky sense that some funky energy is in the space ("Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters.")

Since I'm perfect, only think perfect thoughts, have never had any hard times, and all the smells I emit have the aroma of marshmallows and cherries, this doesn't apply to me. But I live for service and thought you might appreciate some guidance around the stinkiness of life.

The antidote? Spray the spray. Holistic. Natural. Works with your body's natural healing abilities and wise ways. Supports and uses what the earth intended for us in order to keep us sane and in harmony with ourselves and others. Different sprays for different occasions. Use as needed.

For emotional stink - Rescue Remedy . A flower essence blend that helps get you back on track, on an even keel, so you can untangle and diffuse. You can also use the flower essence blend called Sacred Heart (as shown in the video below).

For mental stink - Illumine . Another flower essence remedy designed for "Allowing the light of understanding to transform discouragement and depression."

For physical stink - For yer pits, instead of clogging them with fake fragranced chemical conventional brands, try crystal deodorant spray . Your body will thank you. Got stink coming out of another end? Air Scense. One ingredient of the actual scent itself. Lime smell comes from a lime. Orange from an orange. Go figure! And it works.

For someone's in my space stink - Lemongrass essential oil and/or rose spray . It'll wash that stink right out of your hair and replace it with a clean smell and groovy kind of feel.

For dusty/ghosty stink - Sage spray . Clears away old energies, stagnation from the past that's gunking up your present time, send them to the light with this stuff.

So much more I could list! I am LOVING this essential oils and sprays from Ravencroft Essentials . Check them out and the video that goes along with post. Special appearance from my magical assistant.


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