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When I retire...

Posted Sep 24 2013 12:34pm
 The most common conversation I keep hearing in this decade ::
"boy oh boy, I can't wait till I retire...! When I retire I will be able to ..."  Essentially, the statement is " when I retire, I will be happy."

This is a dreadful statement ( to me!).   
---Personally, I will never be able to retire, in the common sense of the word.
I teach exercise classes, train clients to achieve their fitness goals, encourage mind power and bravery, and teach relaxation techniques + I work for myself.
I chose this path over the conventions of a teaching career in a public school, for which I earned my Master's.  I chose my heart's passion as a path to live by.

Movement heals.  
Maybe I will retire one of my branches of sculpting, but I don't want to ever stop working. My work is service. It connects me to others in a spiritual way.
I don't ever want to retire anyway.  
Being forever  useful  is the way to  absolute fullness.
Tony Robbins says, "growth is our purpose in life."
I recommend that instead of kicking and screaming from day to day and frantically grasping at retirement, we seek and (be encouraged that we will) find openings into the wonderland that we seem to believe retirement holds.  
We we can learn new languages and schedule trips to the land where we can use what we have practiced.
We can set goals and pursue fitness, then schedule places to exhibit our new BODies, strength, agility, postures.
We can take classes that interest us, learn to play an instrument, join clubs, finish what we have started.
We can do our REAL living NoW and even more of it later, whether we retire or not! 
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