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whats the best way to start feeling good again after you've been crushed by a boyfriend?

Posted by palmtree

i put in so much effort & loved him so much.  was i just a sucker?  how can i get over him. 
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Palmtree, I feel your pain and thank you for sharing. You weren't a sucker. You put yourself out there and that is a courageous thing. I would like to offer some things that have helped me to move through a break up:

1) Feeling the feelings through and not stuffing them. I have had a good old crying sessions to release and let go of the pain.

2) Looking for the good. I'm a firm believer that from all situations, the good and the not so good, there is some great learning to be had and things to be grateful for. What's one good thing that you can take away from this relationship?

3) Exercise and get the blood flowing.

4) Do things that bring you joy, such as swinging on a sing, dancing to your favorite music, going out with friends.

5) Go easy on you. This is one of the most important things to remember. Beating one's self up over a break-up does not help, it only adds to the hurt.

Hang in there, and please remember, now is the time to pamper yourself and be kind to you.

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