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What you desire most

Posted Apr 01 2013 3:52am

In all the years I've worked with people, interacted with people, heck, even just talked once with a stranger, the conversations always seem to circle back to one topic : What we desire most. Even underneath a complaint, is a strong desire for what you really want to occur. Regardless of the details, the hows, the fears, and the questioning, we all seem to desire: 

  • Making a difference, seeing the impact our actions generate 
  • Having a clear, palpable sense that we matter to others
  • Feeling connected to a sense of purpose
  • Experiencing love, fun, and "aliveness"

These desires involve our personality, but also extend beyond it. Realizing these desires are fundamental to a healthy mind, body, and soul. It's the kind of validation only you can give yourself, in the experience of it, that clear sensation of "Yes, this is what it means to be alive!" For some of us, we know what that is, and can easily fill in the blanks. For others, still trying to figure it out, life can feel a little disheartening, as if you're off the path, not yourself, not doing what you feel you're here to do.

The remedy? 

Intuition. Once you've got your lens tuned in to this, you'll start to notice signs and clues everywhere. You'll begin to see how things you once thought were random are, instead, completely connected. The intuitive thread is being woven through your life at all times, even when you think it's not. It's about paying attention in a different way, asking new kinds of questions, and learning how to decipher the intuitive roadmap to your health potential and purpose.

Sound intriguing? Good. 

That's where I come in. While I've been an infrequent blogger as of late (being a full time mama instead!), the details surrounding what I desire most are starting to fill themselves in, in new ways. As I continue to follow my intuition, my goal is to help you expand yours. Stay on the lookout for future posts on the health-intuition connection, the intuition imperative, the role intuition plays in healing, how intuition will rearrange your life in the most delightful of ways if you let it, and much more. 

What's your intuition been telling you lately? Follow it today, and watch your desires come to fruition!


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