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What would you do about a gossiping boss?

Posted Aug 05 2010 1:37pm

While I’m away on vacation (actually I’m spending most of it renovating our new apartment) could you please take a moment to read this question from a reader and give her your 2 cents? Thanks!

Hi I would appreciate some advice from anyone…really..PLEASE!

My company just got a new manager, my old manager was bad..he was verbally abusive but he had his good sides in his organizational skills and neatness. When I found out there would be a new manager I became excited as I wouldn’t get yelled at anymore.

When she got hired I became assistant manager. I became even more excited because I felt like I could finally exert my potential and really help out in the workplace.

Well that quickly became crap when a girl that hates me befriended my boss. My boss quickly began gossiping about me to my coworkers, asking them to not tell me anything, saying that I want her job, saying that I’m the one who gossips about her and…I give her attitude. Hearing about this was harsh because I tried to be as nicest and as helpful as possible. I tried backing off and letting her take the reigns so she wouldn’t feel threatened by me (I have more experience in the facility). .but nothing has worked, she seems to be gossiping MORE now.

The people that I have asked for advice tell me to let it go and that my hard work will shine through in the end and she will see that I”m not a bad person and all the rumors she hears will all be disproven.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t now if I should approach her or how to solve the problem. It’s become quite stressful. My company doesn’t really work closely with HR and its an “at will” company so she is pretty much able to “can” my ass if she wants to. I hate it when people talk about me and it’s been hard holding back.

Can anyone give me helpful advice. PLEASE?

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