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What Sells Best In Auction House For Engineering Mop

Posted Feb 25 2013 8:47am

Every day there were millions of item on the auction house, what sells best? How to forecast the price trend of the items in Auction house will be a question for every players who crazied about WoW items. From here you could just make any of the items that don't require a Spirit of Harmony while they're yellow and then green until you hit 600. You might end up with a bunch of items that don't do so hot on the Auction House though. Also, it will take approximately 28 or so to get there depending on your luck and if you have the guild perk for tradeskills. If you want a better chance to make Wow gold, are willing to spend some, and don't mind farming up Spirit of Harmony, make Mist-Piercing Goggles (A must-have for yourself if you have Herbalism or Mining), Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (if you have it), or any others you can make that sell well on your server. Also, you can check out the forums for more tips and tricks as well as ask questions about anything you wish to know.

While the profession is better designed than ever (with much less waste for shufflers and far fewer items ending up at the vendor), the Serpent's Eyes that you get while prospecting Mists ore tend to pile up. They're used to make the 450 crafted jewelry, but the market for that isn't nearly as large as the supply of Serpent's Eyes. Many people end up making these into blues and disenchanting them so they're not wasted.

The new Primal Diamond recipe has no cooldown, but requires Spirits of Harmony which are their own sort of cooldown. One criticism of Jewelcrafting has been that JCs have nothing except research and extremely low-liquidity mini-pets to spend their Spirits of Harmony on. Jewelcrafters generate Spirits as quickly as any other character, and in theory, it'd be nice to have a JC option to use them on. Especially seeing as how anyone doing daily research will have almost certainly finished learning all their cuts by now.

There are going to be some new important recipes in 5.2 for Jewelcrafters, maybe you think it is the sells best in auction house: a "prism" style daily cooldown Serpent's Heart, and a no-cooldown recipe that allows you to craft the uncut meta gems, Primal Diamonds, out of gems and Spirits of Harmony. Kaliope ,the sells best in auction house reports that both recipes are world drops in Pandaria on the PTR, and shouldn't take long to farm.

You now have 600 Engineering - Zen Master! Check out (OUTDATED) How to Make Gold w/ Engineering & Get the Pets: Fun is Greater Than Gold - Patch 4.3! for written and video guide detailing several ways to make gold with Engineering. Now that all JCs will have the option of turning three Serpent's Eyes into a prism every day, that will provide an outlet for the Eyes that may be more profitable than the 450 blues. So far, only a few Prisms have been opened, but they seem to award a random blue gem, just like prisms from expansions past. Since it's on a daily cooldown, it's unlikely to be able to push down the price of blue gems much.

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