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What's The Fastest And Most Efficient Way To Level Mists Of Pandaria?

Posted Dec 07 2012 7:57am

Leveling up for wow newbies are always are hard job if one need to level from lvl 1 to lvl 90. How to level up fastest in world of warcraft ? What's the fastest and most efficient way to level in Mists of Pandaria? If you'd like to find out the best answers, do not miss the chance to take a look here.

1. The easy ways to level up are grinding and make wow gold at the same time which is just killing npc and lvl which is good if you are rested or request a friend or what ever which is if your friend is near you; you get 3x the exp. also run instances with a group. finally quest! questing is like the best way to earn exp it is quick and simple plus you can earn some gold off of it/ other items

2. Do a dungeon once for the quests and then quest the rest of the time. There are some exceptions if you're doing it as a duo (tank and healer) such as blackrock depths simply because of the raw density of elite mobs and the speed at which you'll keep moving. Only if you have rested because after the first run of every dungeon you will have completed the dungeon quests and are just basically farming mobs for xp. The fastest way, especially if your a dps is to run every dungeon once and quest the rest of the time.

3. Binding your personality's abilities to a quickly reachable key on your keyboard won't only make you a skilled player in PVP, but it'll boost your leveling time 10 fold. The quicker you cut through enemies and the better you are at taking down multiple enemies in a row, the speedier you may level and collect items to sell for huge amounts of warcraft gold.

4. Once you reach 15 que for random dungeons as you quest, ask people to share quests in there, dungeon quests have high Xp, once you have an 80 any toons u decide to make you can get BOA gear for them and that will help you level them alot faster and give other perks like cold weather flying in northrend way before 77. If you have an 80 alone run u thru a dungeon you get more loot but less xp.

If you do want to level up fastest and most efficient in Mists of Pandaria, just use the above methods and you'll be sure to level up super fast to reach lvl 90 in the shortest time. To know more about the details or to buy wow gold online better for powerleveling ,you can go to this trustworthy website

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