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What is Your Heart Telling You?

Posted by Pam T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

When it comes to the things we really want but are afraid of, we often seek the counsel of our heads. We often listen to that little voice that says things like, “You could never do that!” “Oh my, what if you fail? Or What if you succeed, then you will have to keep it up.” We listen to that voice until we find reason to not move forward with the things we want. While it is not always a bad thing to listen to our heads, in doing so we sometimes neglect what is truly in our hearts. For it’s in our hearts, that’s where the good stuff resides. Our hearts hold the answers and the support we need, we just have to have faith and we just have to listen. So I dare you to listen to your heart, what is it saying to you? Is it telling you to be bold? Is it telling you to love like you have never loved before? Is it telling you that you rock and are totally amazing? Be still and listen. I'm almost saddened by thought of where I might be today if I had not listened to my own heart and believed in its wisdom; chances are I would still be in a marriage that was not working for either of us. I might even still be playing it safe in a career that didn’t suit me, working for someone else and not following my own dreams. I may still be hiding in the shadows afraid to share my real self with the world, fearful that the real me would not be accepted. I’m glad I have taken chances. I am glad I have listened to my heart and I am thrilled with the results. So the next time you really want something, but are afraid to take the leap, ask your heart and listen carefully to what it tells you. You won't be sorry.
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wow thanks so much, I'm sure this has touched so many people, your post is simply amazing!

Keep it the Faith! God bless all!!

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