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what is Indian fire rash? Where does it come? How do you get rid of it?

Posted by SheShe88

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It is a fungal rash , I get the same thing on my nose everyso offten , My youngest daugther got it when she was little and I had not idea what it was , So I went to our local Pharmacy and I ask the Pharmacies and he told me what I 'm telling you ,Indian Fire   is a fungus , And the funny thing it is almost the same as Athlete's foot ,, Crazy I know ,  What you can try and what I was told to use  .(Lamisil ) it work on me and my daughter .  You can get at Walmart , CVS Walgreen and Drug Store . Apply twice a day , And also you need to talk to your Doctor your Immue system could be low .... Good Luck and Best wishes , DebbieLA
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