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What Do You Stand For?

Posted Aug 07 2012 3:00am

What inspires you, what motivates your every goal, what moves you and gives you the determination to reach your dreams?

For me most of the important decisions I make are based on whether they align with my core values: Challenge, Growth, Health and Love. Discovering my own core values was a big part of discovering who I am. I felt better able to define myself, and a real sense of pride looking at the values that best summarize the person I am and aim to be.

I recommend that you take 5-10 minutes out of your hectic life and try to pinpoint what ignites you deep inside.

1) Download the below list of values or find your own list of values online.

Download a list of Personal Values

2) Read through the list highlighting or circling the ones that you feel represent your own personal values the best – this might be based on gut feeling or careful consideration, both are fine. It doesn’t matter how many values you find resonate with you in the first round – there is no right or wrong number.

3) Now, this is the important part. I want you to cull your values down to 12 key values you believe represent you – I know how rude of me to ask you to cull what is truly ‘you’, but trust me.

4) Once again after finding the 12 values, see if you can achieve 8 core values

5) Lastly see if you can get to 4 core values. This might be achieved by discovering what core values can act as an umbrella to other important values. For example: family was top 8 for me but I decided if I had love that would be inclusive of family love.

** Note: It is not imperative that you get to 4 core values, I know personally I resonated with having 4 simple words which effectively described the person I am and the person I aspire to be. The number you chose is the number that works best for you.

Now the most important part, take those core values and return boldly into your life. My favorite thing is to have my values stuck up on the inside of my wardrobe reminding myself of what moves me every day. Maybe you can find a place to put them to constantly remind yourself of the values you strive to achieve daily.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” – Alexander Hamilton

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