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Weird Beauty Tips and Secrets Exposed

Posted Feb 25 2009 4:48pm 1 Comment

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Over the years I have somehow managed to compile a rather long list of odd beauty tips and secrets. I thought I'd share with you.

Som Spa e of these I have tried, some I use regularly and some I have never even attempted. I've left out some of the more questionable tips, mainly because I don't want someone slathering something like bikini wax all over their face in the hopes that it will cure blotchiness. You can find all kinds of "cures" for all sorts of beauty ailments, but I don't often branch out into the world of experimental beauty treatments, for good reason.

Here are the tips that made the cut.

Fix a broken nail quick. The next time you break or crack a nail, try using superglue to fix it and then cover with an opaque nail polish to camouflage the crack. (Only attempt if you do not have a history of gluing your fingers together.)

Keep eyeliner from cracking. Pop your eyeliner in the freezer for 20 minutes before using it. It will roll on your lids more smoothly. (I hate crumbly eyeliner.)

Tame electric hair. This is one of my personal tips. I have lived in North Dakota for quite some time and it is the absolute driest climate you'll ever find. In the winter when the air is extremely dry, my hair sometimes picks up a static charge and starts sticking straight up. After I blow dry it, before I hair spray it I just grab a dryer sheet and run it through my hair. It definitely helps with the flyaways.

Soften dry spots with avocado. This is good for dry elbows, knees, and feet. Take a ripe avocado, remove the pit and skin and mash it up in a bowl. Slather it on dry areas and let it sit for 20 minutes then rinse off. Avocado is a natural moisturizer, so if you can handle feeling like a chip dip for 20 minutes, it'll do wonders for your dry skin without lotions full of toxic ingredients and preservatives.

Scent your clothes. Speaking of toxic ingredients, this is another one of my personal tips. I don't use personal hygiene products that have any kind of questionable ingredients or that don't have their ingredients listed. When I get any of those pretty, smelly soaps for a gift, I put them in my dresser so that my clothes don't smell like drawer. I smell wonderful without questionable ingredients on my skin.

Make hair shinier. Before washing your hair, try mixing one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water. Soak your hair, then leave on for at least 15 minutes before shampooing. (If you don't mind smelling like vinegar, this is a good trick.)

Cure calluses with vaseline. Before bed, rub on the petroleum jelly and put on a pair of socks to dissolve calluses overnight.

Powder your eyelids. Another of my personal tips, I always powder my eyelids before applying any eye makeup. It creates a base for eyeliner or eyeshadow and can sometimes be worn with nothing else for a little bit of color. It also seems to somehow prime my eyelashes for mascara. Don't ask me how, it just does, and I've been doing it for years.

Strip build-up from your hair. Mix some baking soda with your shampoo every so often. It strips your hair of build-up and makes it super soft.

Use pencil eraser to fix mascara mistakes. If you tend to get mascara all over yourself during application, use a pencil eraser on the mess-ups and they should disappear easily.

Kate Sig

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I accept tried, some I use consistently and some 642-446 I accept never even attempted. I've larboard out some of the added ambiguous tips, mainly because 642-456 I don't wish anyone slathering something like bikini wax all over their face in the hopes that it will cure blotchiness 642-481. You can acquisition all kinds of "cures" for all sorts of adorableness ailments, b ut I don't generally annex out into the apple of beginning adorableness treatments 642-504, for acceptable reason.
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