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Weekly workout recap

Posted Jan 07 2013 9:30am
Howdy. THANK YOU for your kind comments on my last post. So far 2013 has been pretty okay. 
I’m going to try to get back into regular blogging. We’ll see. 
First with a weekly workout recap. 
So I’m not running. That foot problem that dates way back to marathon training is back. And worse. I think it is extensor tendonitis . I can’t afford a doctor at the moment SO google MD is the best I can do. I am still paying off the bills from the last time I asked a real live doctor about this foot. I got an X-ray because the Dr. freaked out (those are pricy) and since there is nothing to show on an X-ray, the doctor tried to freak me out into an MRI. Nope. Useless since I’m almost certain it isn’t a stress fracture and those really cost money. MRIs are stupid. So are doctors that try to scare you into getting them. Extensor tendonitis seems like it fits my problems. 
Here is a summary from the link above:
Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.37.15 AM
It is actually a good summary of the pain I’ve had for months. Pain on the top of the foot (yup!), swelling on the top of the foot (yup!) and pain along the top of the foot which is worse during running (yes). I have no idea what it means to ‘passively stretch’ a tendon so I very when could have pain with that too. 
Basically I’m going to rest it and stop running for a while. Maybe some treadmill (even footing) running in a couple of days. 
Before the foot flare up, I did get in some decent workouts.
Saturday: 8 miles. I think this is what set it off. I was running on compacted snow which is a different surface than usual. Bummer. 
Sunday: 1 hour elliptical and body pump. Later that night, I caught some ice while I was walking home from a fun running group holiday party (yah!) and although I didn’t biff it completely, I stressed my foot and I noticed some acute pain and swelling. Crap. 
Monday: 7 mile run. This was stupid. And denial at it’s best. Step one is always denial. My foot hurt (no surprise). I also did some upper body strength stuff and freaking out to my mom on the phone. It was NYE but since I am who I am, I did not have plans to wear high heals. Phew. 
Tuesday: 60 minute elliptical and swimming. My foot feels fine when I’m not running. And I actually really like the elliptical. And by really like I mean can tolerate. 
Wednesday: Spinning and abs. 
Thursday: 60 minute elliptical sesh. Arm strength and some hip strengthening stuff. 
Friday: Elliptical long enough to get sweaty, swimming and water jogging. I HATE BEING COLD and cannot convince myself to get into a pool unless I’m warm.
Saturday: Long-run elliptical simulation. Let’s call this LRES. Sounds all futuristic and cool. And like a real thing that exists beyond the mind of Emily. I am technically registered for a half marathon at the end of January. I’m not totally convinced I can’t run it (step one is always denial…). Plus ellipticals ain’t that bad. Except that they require I go to my CRAZY busy gym on a Saturday morning. This is a terrifying experience all year round and a million times worse in January. 90 minutes elliptical and 30 minutes stretching.
Sunday: 15 minutes stair climber and body pump.
You’ll notice a pattern. Lots of elliptical. It doesn’t bother my foot at all or cause any pain elsewhere in my body. Ellipticals are what I used in the past when I can’t run but want to maintain fitness. Also, I’ll be swimming and water jogging. I’m also going to focus on building some strength, particularly in my lower back and hips. Oh and really focus on stretching and foam rolling. I would say I will do yoga but that would be a lie because I don’t like yoga and the yoga at my gym is 90 minutes which is freakishing long. Cue everyone telling me to do yoga. Tell me all you want. Yoga makes me incredibility anxious and bored. When I’m anxious and bored I like to eat or play the coulda-shoulda game about my life in my head.  When I’m in a boring 90-FREAKING-minute yoga class all I think about is food or my inability to relax or all the things I should do differently. So I convince myself I am starving and a failure. This is a prime example of me being a nutcase. The trigger is yoga. No yoga = no anxiousness. I do like stretching. By myself for thirty freaking minutes.
That is the plan, Sam.
Any thoughts on my foot? No? Me either.

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