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Weekly workout recap

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:55am
Alternative post titles: ‘Why do my legs hate me?’
Yup. Another week of craptastic runs. Feeling leadish. But wanna know what? I go through this every couple of months. Especially after a marathon. I just know that the increase in strength training will be good, I just need my body to adopt. So I will grunt through the miles. And that is okay. I seem optimistic. I’m not really. I am not always so forgiving of my legs… I thought I was going to scream at them on Thursday right there on the Lakefront path. I never said I was mature. 
But then I remember. After an hour or so after my run and I’ve finally had my coffee and my stomach is full, I can think logically. Conclusion… My legs are pretty cool. My legs are uniquely short, 25-26 inch inseam. I’ve met people as short as me, but never someone with a shorter inseam. My torso is ‘long’ for my body. My legs have run three marathons and several half marathons. My legs have run at least 20 miles a week for almost every week in the last 5 years. My legs can squat, jump, kick, and endure torture on the stair mill. My legs have allowed me to give up a car for the last 4 years. 
So at the moment my legs really suck. But, on average, my legs are pretty cool. 
So here is week three (?) of craptastic running but some decent workouts. 
Monday: 7 mile run. Perhaps another thing about my last couple runs is that they have gotten a lot colder and more windy. So my body is also just adapting to the weather. Plus the wind is always an extra challenge! Arm strength using the machines at my gym and heavy weights. I’ve read a lot about how the machines at gyms are not the best option for small women (me!) but sometimes my brain can’t think creatively that early for anything else. 
Tuesday: 1000 meter swim, 40 minutes elliptical. Hip strengthening PT exercises with resistance band.
Wednesday: Spin. I got there and was surprised when instead of 50 minutes it would be a 75 minute class. Kinda awesome! I was certainly exhausted by the end!!! And hardly even washed my face before work due to the extra spinning. Oh well. No one complained about my smelly self at work. I also did some ab stuff before spin.
Thursday: 7 mile run. I didn’t wear my watch. I didn’t want to be frustrated and I just wanted to try to reflect on the good. Be thankful for thanksgiving. I really don’t think I was running anything faster than 9:30 minute miles, probably closer to 10 minute/miles. Plus, I was meeting a friend for body pump after my run. Body pump was really fun! The instructor was cray-cray. My triceps loved me. And I saw this on my run. Life is about more than miles. Huh. Shocking! 

Thankful for the sunrises

Friday: Elliptical for 50 minutes watching news about Black Friday. And 1000 meter swim.
Saturday: 8 miles. This run. Okay. So 2.5 miles were running to meet up with my running group. A couple local runners have asked who I run with – they are The Clocktown Runners.  Good group. They next couple miles I was running with the 8:30 pacers. Why hello 8:12 minute/mile. We’ll just call this an unplanned tempo run. It felt tough. I certainly was done after 8 miles. Miles 7 and 8 were solo running back into the city to my apartment. 

Sunday: 20 minutes stairmaster. <– Dear stairmaster – why are you so freaking hard? And body pump.
Do you love your legs? I would definitely say I have a love/hate relationship with my legs. Did anyone do a Turkey Trot? I didn’t because they cost $$. Fun fact. The first 5K I ever did was a Turkey Trot in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on November 19, 2005. I was 19, a sophomore in college and just started running. My chip time was 29:17. Now that is a fun fact. 

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