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Weekly workout recap

Posted Nov 19 2012 8:55am
Happy Monday!!! Pretty excited because it is only three days of work!! That is a lie.  I’ll probably be working some over the weekend and applying for jobs BUT something feels good about going three days instead of five! 
Remember how last week I was in love with running? My legs liked running. My head liked the idea of running. Well. This week is a different story. Monday was really cold along the Lake in Chicago and the winds were insane. There were times during my run I had to walk when I was directly going into the wind. Man! Thursday my run kinda sucked again. Saturday my run was good… but slow. I think a lot of this has to do with the increase in other fitness related activities that are making my legs temporarily tired but will be much stronger in the long run!!! For example, I have been lifting more, lunging more, swimming more and body pumping more. I also have a higher resistance on the elliptical than I do when I’m running more. I know this is necessary. To step back and make these legs stronger. 
So here it is:
Monday: 7 miles. Wind. Blech. I was tired from the start with this one. Most of the time my miles are under 9:00 minute/miles. Hell, I ran a marathon at about 9:00 minute/miles. Oh well. Moving on. Also did 15 minutes of lifting.
Tuesday: Elliptical, swimming, leg PT exercises 
Wednesday: Spinning and lifting
Thursday: Overall, a much better run than Monday. I did every-other-song pickups after a one mile warm up. Legs were feeling better and happier. But OMG it was tough!!! The pickups were insanely challenging. But got her done! 
Friday: Elliptical, swimming, lifting
Saturday: 9 mile run. This is the longest run I’ve done since the Chicago Marathon . It is time I try to increase my mileage on weekends. When I’m not technically training for something, I like to do 9-10 miles on the weekends. I miss those longer runs. I ran part by my lonely and some with a friend. I am pretty happy with the run but I felt like I was going much faster!! The last mile I was running back into the city to my apt and getting pretty sassy about the wonder-walkers out and about. You know the people… the ones that are walking insanely slow with no notice of people around them! Grrr.
Sunday: Stair mill and body pump. Why are my biceps SO WEAK!?? Why. I don’t think I could even get through the track without stopping with like 2 pound weights. Since I started lifting a couple of years ago I have finally gotten some upper body strength. But OH MY poor biceps. 
That is all I’ve got!! Someone tell me why my biceps suck. Thanks.

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