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Weekly workout recap (or not)

Posted Dec 10 2012 9:00am
So like the title implies, this isn’t going to be a traditional recap post. Last week was a really tough week. Parts were good (my family visiting, all good but very stressful) and parts were really bad (I didn’t get hired for the work I was consulting on… so I was both rejected from a job and fired from that job. A job I was DOING and qualified for. So ouchie. 
But this is about my weekly workouts. Sorta
Monday – 7 easy miles in the foggiest weather I have ever been in! Crazy! My legs are starting to feel peppier so I was happy. Very, very slow miles. And arm strength. 
Tuesday – Elliptical/swimming mix.
Wednesday – Spinning and abs
Thursday – 7 mile decent run. Slow miles. Leg and arm strengthening stuff
Friday – Nada. I found out about not getting the job Thursday. To say I was crushed would be sorta an understatement. I was planning to sleep as long as possible and hit up the gym later for a swim. Except I woke up and found an e-mail for my supervisor telling me it would be immature to not come into work. Despite finishing the project. So I went into work and had nothing to do because my project was complete. And it was awkward. Yup. No workout. 
Saturday – Slept really late. Considered a run. Decided not to do anything. I was just exhausted and physical movement sounded really, really awful. 
Sunday – Didn’t feel like working out again. But I knew I needed to get out of my apartment and into the real world. 20 minutes easy elliptical and body pump. I did feel a lot better emotionally after this workout. 
I’ll be the first to admit I do not handle stress well. At all. I feel exhausted emotionally and physically when I am stressed. You hear time and time that physical activity decreases stress. I don’t disagree. I usually feel better after a workout. But when I am stressed for weeks at a time (unemployment, for example) my legs recover soooo slowly from my runs. This past Spring I was under a lot stress (looking for a job, a death in the family) and everything was up in the air (an income, health insurance, where I was living…) and I endured soooo many weeks of heavy crappy legs. 
So where am I with running? After a couple weeks of really bad runs, I’m taking a couple days off. It doesn’t matter if it is stress that is killing my legs or a pending injury. I know I haven’t really been enjoying running. There. Admit it. I am still enjoying other forms of physical activity. Basically, what I’m saying is no running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and reevaluate on Thursday. I’ll do other gym stuff. But not run. 
How do you deal with stress? Do you find that it kills your legs? Or is just me?

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