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weekly workout recap, casual work environment, summer salads

Posted Jul 13 2012 10:42am
Howdy! Happy Friday the 13th.  Is it just me or do we have an awful lot of Friday the 13ths this year?   I feel like every 13th falls on a Friday.  Okay anyway.  Three things are making me super-duper happy pants today.  I know, I know you are sooooo curious.  Here they are: 1) my workouts this week (after my self-declared worse run ever!), 2) casual work environments, and 3) summer salads.  And I shall elaborate.
1. Weekly workout recap.  Here it is:
Sunday: Super-duper awful, bathroom break filled run.  14 miles done.  Let’s not talk about it ever again.  Hmmm k?
Monday: My stomach was still…umm… liquidy (TMI) and unsettled but I managed to do an awesome 50 min spin class + 15 min elip + arms (I used resistance bands and I was sooooore) 
Tuesday: Run.  It was a comeback run ‘fo ‘sho. 7 miles.  I was averaging somewhere around 8:40 minute miles but it felt right.  And I hopped to the gym to strengthen them legs
Wednesday: Another spin day.  50 mins spin, 15 mins elip, abs
Thursday: 7 miles! Good, good, good miles! I was pacing what I was a couple of months ago before my legs funktified (I say this a lot but not sure I’ve ever attempted to write it) and the Chicago heat happened.  My knee is a little achy breaking and boy I am tight.  Icing and foam rolling.  Should be more.  Note to self.  I also did some arm machines.  And them after work I hopped to the gym for a 30 minute core class.  I need to take advantage of my classes at the gym more often.  They get me out of my routine.  I love spin! But I should try some others.
Friday:  It was an elip kinda day.  With the Hills.  Does anyone else love that MTV is ‘retro’ (makes me feel old) and shows the Hills at 6 am.  I also read Fitness Magazine.  Lately those magazines make me angry.  Perhaps I’ll discuss that in another post.    I did 20 minutes of the stair mill (so intense that machine!), 40 minutes elip, and 20 mins laps/ water jogging.  
These workouts make me pretty happy.  They were good.  I felt good.  The runs especially felt excellent.  I am sore and stiff though so that isn’t good.  Perhaps I rest day coming sooner than later.  For this marathon training cycle I am starting out with only three days of running due to the funkiness my legs have been giving me.  Two 7 milers in the middle of the week and one long run on the weekend.  I think my long runs are going to be pretty high mileage with perhaps 2 20 milers and one 22 mile run.  We’ll see.  Geeee am I really training for a marathon without a plan? Who am I??  I might add more mid-week miles sometime but not for a while.  So I’m doing a lot of cross-training.  With that said, my rest day plan is to take one when needed.  Or if my legs feel exhausted focus on my arms and core for a day or two.  I’m also re-teaching myself to swim so I hope to incorporate that more in my workouts.
So I’m thinking about 16 miles tomorrow.  Might be a bit aggressive but I’m going to run with the 9:00 minute/mile group and listen to my body.  I did 14 last week so 16 isn’t really that big of an increase.  Originally I was planning for a cut back week with 10 miles but my parents are coming next week soooo I think I’ll attempt (while listening to my body and being smart!!) for sweet 16 tomorrow and do a 10-miler when my parents are here so I don’t have to spent toooo much time running.
2.  Casual work environment.  The place I am working this summer is very casual.  One guy stays in his bike clothes all day unless there is something special going on.  The CEO wears flip-flops.  You get the idea.  I am probably the most dressed up person in the office a lot of times! It takes a lot of pressure off with the casual attire.  I didn’t need to buy anything new.  I would LOVE to buy new things! I am so jealous of all the cute looking ladies on the L every morning.  Alas, I have no paycheck.  
3.  Summer salads.  The other day a co-worker asked if I like lettuce and radishes from gardens.  Hmmm, YES?  Why, YES, I do.  So I’ve been eating wonderful fresh amazing salads.  I add other veggies (summer squashes from the farmers market last weekend!), spinach, kale and mushrooms.  I always add healthy fats: FULL-FAT dressing, avocado, nuts, or olives, cheese.  Oh and a protein source like eggs, shrimp, salmon (canned works great), tuna, chicken, or beans.  I’ve been digging the Green Goddess Dressing from Trader Joe’s:
Here is the beauty from last night: 
Your turn: Do you have a causal work environment?  Do you prefer a more formally dressed work place or casual.  I like casual.  Especially in the summer.  Are you a swimmer?  Can you teach me?  
Happy Friday!

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