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Weekend #2 about to begin!

Posted Dec 03 2010 4:42am
With weekend #2 about to begin of my yoga training, I realized I hadn’t written about weekend #1 yet! Where has this year gone?
Anyways.. weekend #1 started with a bang... I arrived in the plaza the studio is located in early. Judging by the steamy windows a class was in progress, so I figured I would just hang out in the car and wait for people to start leaving before I went in. I see a man come out of the building.. I am just kind of watching him as that’s what people do. Now, I am in the 2nd row of the 2nd row of cars... , he walks over to the 1st row of the second row.. a few cars down from me.. I am starting to lose interest as I watch him walk to the back of his car.. as I am turning my head to look else where, I catch him looking around to see if anyone can see him. I turn my head back to see what he is up to.. big mistake, HUGE.. He has dropped his sweaty yoga shorts and is bent over completely hairy assed NAKED from the waist down!!! I mean I saw it all!! IT was not pretty...I wanted to scream “HEY” and totally horrify him.. but didn’t as I was completely frozen in shock. (If I catch him doing it again this weekend I will be yelling something!)
On to the training.. AMAZING.. started out with 1.5 hours of hot power yoga.. I didn’t full realize it was heated yoga (was starting to wonder with the man having to shed his shorts in front of me due to sweat) until I walked into the studio.. GULP. I have never been a fan of the heat. I have taken bikram yoga so I have an idea of what I am in for.. I keep playing the tune “You can do it” in my head..
That which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger right? I decide at the moment that I am meant to work thru my disdain of the heat. I am here for a reason and I need to push thru the dislike of heat to get to it..
The instructors are awesome. Fun, smart, funny, real. So talented and knowledgeable, yet completely down to earth and accessible. I realize part way thru the class that they are married. He is a little scottish man who is the more serious one.. she is a riot.. much more animated.. but really puts you at ease..they are the perfect balance.
I leave there feeling high.. just to be in a room with these people for 1 weekend, I came away with so much.. I can’t wait to see what I learn this weekend!
I will keep you posted!
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