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Watch To the Wonder (2012) Online Free Movie

Posted Apr 16 2013 7:30am

To The Wonder is most comparable with Malick's 2005 masterpiece The New World. The issue here is that when we see Pocahontas running and dancing through the fields and grass we understand her motivation for doing so; she is from another culture, another world, and has met this strange new man from a far away land and is expressing herself in a way Captain Smith has never seen before. In To The Wonder, there appears to be no reason why Maria acts similarly, and the magic Malick creates is for the first time questioned.

One of the major flaws in this film is the decision to have the voice-over of the central character, Marina and supporting character Father Quintana (Javier Bardem) in French and Spanish and subtitled on the screen in English. The intrusion of the subtitles and forcing the audience to look away from the images breaks the connection Malick's use of voice-over has in his films. Take any of his previous five films as examples; the voice-over ghosts through the films and has an omnipotent feeling. Seeing the words on the screen ruins the impact they have in the context of Malick's narrative style and loses the naturalism the words evoke, and is even more frustrating when we hear the characters speak in English to other people.

Around the hour mark, the film feels exhausted and lost in its own beauty, rather than telling a story in a unique way. It's Malick's first film set in the present day (save for the Sean Penn scenes in The Tree Of Life) and the story doesn't feel like it has anything to say, which is a shame because his other works say so much. This film also contains the only footage in his films I wish I could remove. The film opens with dreadful digital video camera footage and I went into something of a panic sat there in my seat... I've just hated something Terrence Malick has shot. Thankfully the footage is never repeated but it's a terrible few scenes. Maybe it's his way of saying man-made metropolis is ugly, but it's an ugly way of starting a beautiful film, regardless of symbolism.

To The Wonder feels like it is in need of an extended cut, adding more to the story and characters than what has been released because I am positive there is more to this film than this theatrical cut; In fact we already know Malick has completely cut out scenes with stars Rachel Weisz, Michael Sheen, Amanda Peet and Barry Pepper. The New World got its much needed extended edition on Blu-ray, and there has been talk of a six hour release of The Tree Of Life; To The Wonder needs this treatment if it is to ever stand up to the masterpieces which we have been privileged to watch up until now.

Watch To the Wonder (2012) Online Free Movie

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