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Walking to work

Posted Jul 13 2010 4:16am

I walked to work today, and yesterday.  Those of you that know that I work from home might see this as a bit mad.  I actually went out for a circualr walk and back to house after 15 minutes.  However I am trying it out to see if it will make me more effective by adding structure to my day.  When you are self employed its all too easy for work to spread into life time, even though I always expect the opposite to happen.  So its not uncommon to find that I've been working from 8.30am to 9pm and not really achieved anything, and then I also have no time for myself.

So how can you play with structure in your life?  Do you need more or less structure?  Do you need structure applied by yourself or imposed by someone outside, like your boss or the time-clock or your children?  What would it be like if you took your watch off for a whole day?  What would it be like if you divided the day into half hour chunks and allocated tasks or activites to each one?  What would happen if you spent an hour doing things for 10 minutes only?  How is your structure different when you are working and not working?  Could you transfer one structure to the other?  What would it be like if you got up or left the house with no plan and just did what took your fancy?

Play with structure and see how your energy changes.  I'm really looking forward to walking home tonight. This morning I saw a red squirrel on my walk!

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